Evaluation significantly improves an organization’s effectiveness and efficiency. We help child welfare, public health and community-based organizations (national and international) assess their programming to ensure their goals and objectives are being meet.

Why Evaluate?

  • Accountability
    Show that your program does what it says it does. Evaluation provides accountability to clients, funders, staff, board members and the community at large by demonstrating that your programs are meeting established goals.
  • Measure Outcomes
    Ensure your clients and program participants are receiving tangible benefits. The crux of evaluation is ensuring your programs are delivering what your clients need. Evaluation helps highlight what you excel at and identify areas in which you can improve.

How to Evaluate?

We provide process, outcome and impact evaluations. Depending on your needs, we use products such as:

  • Evaluative measures and tools
  • Literature reviews
  • Data analysis
  • Logic models

We won’t leave you with a dense, overly complicated document to wade through; we provide summary information including program recommendations and implications for sustainability.